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A Warm Welcome. As both a hypnotherapist and a psychological well-being coach located in both Macclesfield and Northwich it's my pleasure to help you gain more control  over your mental and emotional life incorporating clinical and analytical hypnosis, Cognitive coaching, positive psychology and mindfulness. Whether you are experiencing  anxiety, stress, depression, IBS, fears and phobias,  low self-esteem or weight issues.

It might be that you need to resolve some social anxiety that makes you feel lacking in confidence or unable to engage people - or perhaps you simply want to stop smoking easily - without the hassle of withdrawal. 

I'd be delighted to provide more information about hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and other treatments I offer in Cheshire, Northwich and Macclesfield - so please feel free to call me for an informal chat or alternatively, send me a text and I will call you.  

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

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About Hypnosis

Resolve anxiety with hypnosis in Cheshire

Most neuroscientists agree that our subconscious is made up of nearly 90% of our mind.  Since birth it has learnt from associations. The subconscious is not logical, it doesn't reason things out and it certainly doesn't have willpower, it's basically a programme that's purely reactive. So if you suffer from any form of anxiety, fears, phobias or addictions it's your subconscious mind that has been triggered which the conscious mind often has no awareness of. This is why it's often hard to make change on a conscious level. When the conscious mind and the subconscious mind are in conflict the subconscious mind will definitely win.

Psychological Well-Being Coaching

This is a training programme that teaches people how to overcome their problems, symptoms, health-issues and other hurdles in their lives, by managing their thoughts, beliefs, emotions and thinking styles more effectively.

Research shows that most illnesses, anxieties, depressive disorders, habits, phobias, fears, immune system issues etc have a cognitive (or thinking) component to them. That is to say that the severity of the distress caused by the illness or symptoms, the depth of anguish and pain or discomfort experienced by the sufferer, and even the actual illness or symptom itself, may be caused, prolonged or made worse by the way the sufferer thinks and feels about it.

Cognitive Processing and Integration

Cognitive Processing and Integration allows you to recall, acknowledge and process thoughts and emotions which may have been causing you problems. The process of acknowledging and accepting these experiences then reduces or removes the negative impact/symptoms that they may have been having on your life.